Why Screenful

How Screenful was born


In the past, there were some people interested in developing a open source screen reader. However, most of the projects were idling or went inactive. Other projects just wrote documentation and concepts about how a screen reader should be, and others had mailing lists which are still active. Thinking that one man alone wouldn’t achieve such a large project, some of the developers thought about concentrating the human resources in to one project. so they contacted those idling and inactive project members as well as other interested programmers on those mailing lists asking them to stick together. And they had success!

Screenful philosophy

With the idealistic mind that information accessibility is a matter of course and a fundamental human right, we think that the tools to make this possible have to be for free and customizable by the users themselves. We also do not intend to profit from the disabilities of other people.

In an age where open source is growing, we believe that money invested in accessibility software could better be spent on other issues where open source can’t be fulfilled. It is a fact that poorer countries with weak or no social organizational structures have no money for disability issues, therefore blind people have no chance to get adaptive software to give them equal access to computer systems.

Since many people still use windows 98, ME, NT, XP and 2003 Screenful will focus its efforts on these versions. We are not thinking of supporting Longhorn at this time, as it may not propagate as as much as the above operating systems. It is also true that you can’t get the egg without a chicken. As soon as Longhorn becomes available and the need to support it grows, we will discuss it and decide to support it or not.

Introducing Screenful

To find out what you will get with Screenful please visit the Features page for more information.