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New dress, old status

Posted by on August 15th, 2007

Hi there

Yes, we are still alive! I have installed wordpress with a nice theme because it is more easier to admin the page like this. though we have a new look.

I will try to customize the look a bit to bring back some options no more available atm due to this theme. though, if you are searching for the mailinglists, find them over the project pge on sourceforge. although the donation and logo has to find back place on this site.

The Development status has not changed since two years. we are still looking for programers with engineering skills. Posting help wanted and waiting for apply by someone lead to no success. though i’ll check now other opportunities as for i find again time for this project.

As announced in the last post, we didn’t change to has made meanwhile interesting progresses, like to be able to manage unix names. Though we could finally get rid of the typo-mistake we made on project registration 🙂

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