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Development, Spread Screenful, Beta Testing

Posted by on June 10th, 2005


This week brings a lot of new people on board to Screenful development. We have acquired some documentation writers, beta testers and a beta tester administrator, and a bunch of programmers. I would like to say that our core development team is building up fast and ferious so we should now have enough programmers to do the job. In our endeavor to get the programming phase started we have begun asking for screen model
suggestions which come from our Screen Reader Model which can be found on Why Screenful page as well as Veli’s home page.

Spread Screenful

Again this week we stress the fact that you please make it known that we are tirelessly working on Screenful and any one is welcomed to join our users group Mailing list and/or our Screenful Announcement List

Beta Testing

This week a lot of people have asked about beta testing and we are currently making the effort to get them in their position but without anything to test we just ask that all beta testers at least stay on the Screenful users list for now. As it looks like in our current
projection we may or may not have something out with in the next six months but like all good things sometimes waiting is what breaks the camel’s back. Other than that this is all at the Ok Corral for now.

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