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Screenful Progress

Posted by on July 30th, 2005

First of all sorry for bringing long time no news. but in fact there is nothing really new to announce. Our official core development team has two members: John Hogan and Saurabh Malav. John took over the team lead and sarabh is assisting him. actually john summarized all development issues we have disscussed and. the rest of the devol-list is collecting programming experience and is seeking for informations regardsing screen reading technology, though development of the core api or gui hasn’t unfortunately started yet. for thoes which still not knows it or are new on the list, our program will be written in java and will be plugin based. the plugins will support the particial applications you are using. talking about teams, scott and i decided to build up 3 task forces: Core Development, Documenation, Beta Testing.

Jaffar is bulding up a php based bulletin board and iCalendar, though we would have in the future a forum where you users and we developer may better disscuss toghether. the icalendar will be a protected area and is meant for the developers as an agenda. as soon as jaffar has done his work, i’ll let you know. it will be set up on a seperate testing web space where we can go for a look and test it on usability and accessability. Scott and I decided that Screenful will be from now on held as the project codename. as soon as we are on BETA-Stage or bring out the first final release we will disscuss for the definatly name of our project.

Maybe Screenful will change over to the opensource development network with the new name. BerliOS is similar to, only that it is more overviewable.

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